SKUTSI – 100% Alpaca Wool Beanie


If you want to go hunting now, you'll be surprised by this hat. The Skutsi is a 100% alpaca wool beanie designed for rugged wilderness activities. Wear it to the campfire, or why not to the patio.

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Skutsi - Beanie of an adventurer!

By far our most popular beanie fits every head and every weather.

Designed and manufactured in Finland. Skutsi is made of 100% baby alpaca wool which is the perfect choice for the city, the cottage and the forest.

The beanie is made of bend knit and thanks to the triple-folded edge, you can adjust it to suit your own style.

The logo is genuine leather, which is also purchased from Finland.

Skutsi to your head and into the forest!


100% baby alpaca wool
Triple folded edge
Adjustable length
Bend knit
Leather label
Depth: 20cm
Weight: 100g
Designed and manufactured in Finland: Nevil Oy


Alpaca wool is light and even 7x warmer then orher wools and it is extremely breathable material.

It keeps adventurer dry when alpaca wool transfers moisture out and it is water-repellent.

Alpaca wool is hypoallergic so allergy sufferers can use it. Unlike other animal based wools.

Alpaca wool is anti-bacterial so just refresing keeps it clean.

Alpaca is ecological fiber, sustainable material and always mulesing-free.

Certificates: OEKO-TEX 100, GOTS ja FairTrade

Supplier of the wool: Michell Group, Peru


* Primarily ventilate the product
* Hand wash at 30 degrees
* Or machine wash on wool programme at 30°C
* Use a mild detergent suitable for wool or just water
* No fabric softener
* No spin drying or tumble drying
* Turn the product inside out
* Dry flat and shape gently
* Do not hang to dry
You can view more detailed instructions on our care instructions page.


Shipping in Finland is 2 to 5 business days. In other European countries is approximately 10 business days.

Two small products can fit in the box which is delivered straight to your mailbox.

Shipping fees in Finland is 4,90€ and in other countries in Europe is 9,90€.

Payment methids: Online banks, bank- and credit cards and mobile payments.

Hikers beanie

Skutsi will not leave no one cold. Designed for hikers and wilderness enthusiasts

Make other hikers jealous

The scarf is knitted to be stretchy and flexible. It fits like a head, but doesn't loosen. The Scutsi is soft on the inside and a close-fitting, breathable beanie.

mies retkellä skutsi ja daifa päällä
mies retkellä skutsi ja daifa päällä

From winter to summer and from summer to winter

The breathability of alpaca wool makes the Scoots and other accessories suitable for year-round use. Whether you're in the scorpion forest, fishing or in the mountains, alpaca wool is not to be left in the shop or at home.

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Sippe Akiola

Hyvin päässäistuva ja kutittamaton pipo. Ei kiristä ja hengittää sopivasti, ettei ole myöskään liian kuuma. Tälle pipolle vahva suositus.

Jouni Savolainen

SKUTSI – 100% Alpakan Villa Sailor Pipo

Villapipo sininen

Toistaiseksi muutaman viileämmän päivän kokemuksella varsin hyvä tuote. Mikäli pysyy ryhdissään myös jatkossa käytössä, voin hyvin suositella. Pipo tuli tilauksesta noudettavaksi varsin nopeasti ja sujuvasti.

Sami M.
Hyvä pipo

Onse hyvä pipo. Kutitti päätä ensimmäiset 3 vkoa . Ei oikeastaan sen jälkee oo kutittanu päätä enää.+ on melko lämminki viä.

Kirsti Timonen

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