Frequently asked Questions

About alpaca wool

Is alpaca wool?

Alpaca wool is a very wool-like material. Reminiscent of sheep's wool and has the same properties as well as several others and better ones. Alpaca wool is more classified as a hair fiber. It is softer, lighter and more durable than sheep's wool.

Does alpaca wool itch?

Alpaca wool may itch a little at first. This is because when the yarn is spun from alpaca, the ends of the fiber are sharp. Unlike other wools, alpaca wool becomes soft in use as the ends of the fiber are rounded.

Is baby alpaca wool made from a calf?

It is not. Baby alpaca wool is the name of wool quality. Peruvians have named a certain quality of alpaca wool as Baby. This quality can be measured in microns. Baby's micron size is 22 microns.

What is the difference between alpaca wool and merino wool?

There are many differences between merino and alpaca wool. First of all, alpaca wool is technically not even wool, but a hair fiber. The most common differences between alpaca wool and merino wool are its active moisture transfer ability, always mulesing-free and the fact that the animal is more ecological compared to sheep.

If you want to get to know alpaca wool more closely, click on this link to the alpaca wool page.

Is alpaca wool responsible?

Alpaca wool is always responsible and ethical. Alpacas are highly respected animals in Peru, and activities are monitored there from farm to production. There is no cruelty involved in the collection of alpaca wool, which means that alpaca is always mulesing-free. Unlike merino wool.

About the products

What is the right size?

Our products are all unisex products. Our sweaters are made with men's measurements, so for women we always recommend taking a size smaller than your general size. You can see the size charts on the product pages.

Can I wash my product in the washing machine?

We do not recommend machine washing. Our products are antibacterial, which is a quality characteristic of alpaca wool. Simply ventilating is enough. If the product gets stubborn dirt, you can take a look at our care instructions.