Privacy policy

Wølmark Finland Oy is committed to protecting the privacy of its customers and anyone who uses our website or other Wølmark Finland Oy's online services.

Owner of the register:

Wølmark Finland Oy

Business ID: 3128337-3

Wølmark Finland Oy collects personal data for the purpose of managing customer relationships and delivering e-commerce orders, and the legal basis for processing personal data is the customer relationship. Providing certain personal information (name, address, telephone number) is a prerequisite for submitting an order and therefore also for placing it.

We also collect user information for marketing purposes.

Personal data is processed by:

Founders of Wølmark Finland Oy:

  • Petteri Kiuru +358407254046
  • Teemu Pinomäki +358452542651

Occasional third parties at the request of Wølmark Finland Oy (for example, the developers of the websites we order and the employees of the payment services).


In addition to our online store, your personal information is in the following services to improve the customer experience and service:

- Email service through which we send messages both to our insiders (email list) and in some cases to our non-listed customers (for example, in the event of a recall of a defective product)

- Customer service software for handling customer messages

- Rating software for collecting reviews

- Delivery partner

We store the information provided by the user as follows:

  • Name Address, e-mail address and telephone number
  • Order and return history
  • Possible failed orders
  • Payment information related to the order
  • Comments you post on articles on the site
  • The reviews you provide and their texts
  • Subscribe to the mailing list and the selected list Answers to possible various polls (color votes, etc.)


Our website also uses cookies. The use of cookies is essential for the functioning of the online store. Cookies enable, for example, the use of a user account and the operation of the Shopping Cart. Our website - like almost all other websites - does not work properly without cookies, but you can turn them off or remove them from your web browser.

Cookies are used to collect the following information about your use of our service:

  • IP address, web browser, and time zone
  • What pages you browse on our website and when to visit
  • E-commerce transactions (e.g. adding to cart and making purchases)
  • Information about the device you are using

Cookies provide information to Google and Facebook so that we can use the information to target relevant ads on those services. For example, you can get ads for the exact product you viewed on our website or add it to your shopping cart. Note: The information doesn't increase the number of ads on the services you use.

Manage or delete data

  • Personal information collected about you
  • Correction of data
  • Restrictions on data processing, such as marketing bans
  • Opposition to data processing
  • Withdrawal of consent, such as marketing
  • Making a complaint to the supervisory authority

A request for the above measures is made by e-mail to:

Please note that data can only be deleted if we have no legal obligation to continue processing your personal data

Data retention

We retain your order information for the time being.