On a trip to create better clothes for a better future

Wølmark Finland is the journey of two school friends Pete and Teemu towards big dreams, a better tomorrow and bringing alpaca wool to the general public. But how did it all start?

If told correctly, the story must go all the way back to 2019, when Teemu lived in the Andes mountains in Peru. In that small village of Ttion, Teemu lived as a volunteer worker with a salary for food and accommodation. Teemu had found another home in Peru in addition to Finland.

One fateful morning, while sawing firewood with a sledgehammer, Teemu would howl the morning dew still in his eyes with the sledgehammer blade in front of his own left hand. With a skillfully precise, almost surgeon's precise swipe, the nameless one left Teemu's hand. I rush from the mountains to the bus stop and with whiskey to recover from the central anesthesia all the way to the hospital.

Of course, Teemu could not stay in Peru after the injury. Especially after strong pressure from his mother, Teemu packed himself on the plane and the journey to Finland had begun. While on the plane, Teemu did not believe that he had to abandon his second home and return to his old one. How could Peru and Finland be united? During his trip, Teemu had noted the use of alpaca wool in Peruvian culture.

In Finland, Teemu scribbled down ideas on Power Point and wondered if someone else would also take the idea forward. The rainy November evening in 2019 is notable for the fact that that evening at the startup community's afterwork, Teemu and Pete exchanged news in the company of a few, if not more, frosty midgets. Of course, the idea got talked about and immediately a couple was found to carry the idea forward.

The common factor was revealed to be the love of both of them for hiking, camping and nature. It wasn't very difficult to start building a brand around alpaca wool and camping. The properties of alpaca wool are naturally made to serve the hiker and it is easy to start building a responsible business when everything from the animal itself can be done sustainably.

Together, we want to welcome everyone to the adventure with us.

Pete and Teemu from Wølmark


Wølmark is a camping clothing company for hikers, committed to inspiring people to enjoy nature and challenge themselves to new heights. We dress hikers with high-quality and multi-purpose alpaca wool that withstands wear and tear.

Alpaca wool is really all you need on your adventures.


We create products designed for adventures in nature, with natural materials. Alpaca wool has superior properties for hikers and we want to promote this in every hut and rock.

Our goal is to bring alpaca wool into the hiker's permanent selection and make it clear that merino wool is for sheep!