Kaksi miestä retkellä metsässä alpakan villa tuotteet päällään.

This generation of hikers choose alpaca wool

Wølmark Finland

Few companies are started when a Finnish adventurer in the Andes of Peru chops trees, cuts his finger and goes to Finland to tie a finger to a hand. However, Wølmark Finland's adventure began precisely with that event and has continued in Tampere since 2019.

nainen kalliolla skutsi ja daifa päällä
nainen kalliolla skutsi ja daifa päällä

enjoy nature

Wølmark is a clothing company for hikers, committed to inspiring people to enjoy nature and challenge themselves to new heights. We dress hikers with high-quality and multi-purpose alpaca wool that withstands wear and tear. 

mies retkellä skutsi ja daifa päällä
mies retkellä skutsi ja daifa päällä


We create products designed for adventures in nature, with natural materials. Alpaca wool has superior properties for hikers and we want to promote this in every hut and rock.

Our goal is to bring alpaca wool into the hiker's permanent selection and make it clear that merino wool is for sheeps!


mies laavulla skutsi ja daifa päällä


We believe that the happiness of Finns stems from a relationship with nature, and nature is indeed a big part of Wølmark. Our products come from nature and are meant to be enjoyed in nature. Skutsi on your head and into the forest!
nainen vuorella seikkailemassa


Wølmark is an adventure. Wølmark was born from adventure and develops from adventures. Whether the weather is autumn slush or Midsummer's slush, adventures are what make us grow.
kaksi alpakkaa andeilla


Alpaca wool creates the best properties for a hiker's clothing. The properties of the alpaca wool itself are the greatest values in our entire operation.