PULU - Handy Alpaca Wool Fingerless

Color:Road Grey

Taival gloves are gloved. It is difficult to come up with poetic phrases for these utilization products. The gloves are gloved and these are 100% alpaca wool.

Lovely gloves for use as is in autumn weather and as cooler undercoat for other thicker gloves in colder winter weather. The gloves fit snugly in your pocket and it's a good idea to always have them there. By the way, no smartphone to rattle with these. These are the glove of the adventurer.


100% baby alpaca wool
Bend knit
Leather label
Length: 21,5cm
Weight: 70g
Designed and manufactured in Finland: Agtuvi Oy


Alpaca wool is light and even 7x warmer then orher wools and it is extremely breathable material.

It keeps adventurer dry when alpaca wool transfers moisture out and it is water-repellent.

Alpaca wool is hypoallergic so allergy sufferers can use it. Unlike other animal based wools.

Alpaca wool is anti-bacterial so just refresing keeps it clean.

Alpaca is ecological fiber, sustainable material and always mulesing-free.

Certificates: OEKO-TEX 100, GOTS ja FairTrade

Supplier of the wool: Michell Group, Peru


Shipping in Finland is 2 to 5 business days. In other European countries is approximately 10 business days.

Two small products can fit in the box which is delivered straight to your mailbox.

Shipping fees in Finland is 4,90€ and in other countries in Europe is 9,90€.

Payment methids: Online banks, bank- and credit cards and mobile payments.

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