Wølmark Finland's National Park Bingo is a free-spirited game of luck and skills where you
get to hike in Finland's national parks. The goal of the game is to find wooden 5x7cm bingo
tags in different national parks in Finland (see here for a picture of a bingo tag) and enjoy
nature. Wølmark product prize( picture of the bingo tag) is offered for all those who find a bingo
tag. Please read the instructions carefully and enjoy nature responsibly.


The game will take place in August-October 2023. See the list above of the national parks
where it is possible to participate in National Park Bingo and win product prizes. When the
bingo tag will be found in the national park, it will be announced on our website and on our
social media (IG, FB, TikTok).



  1. You can participate as a group or alone
    • The value of product prizes is the same for individual and group players.
  2. Follow the outdoor etiquette guidelines.
    • Use marked routes and avoid the wear and tear of nature. All bingo tags are placed nearby the official routes and resting places of the national park.
    • Please do not litter. Take the bingo tag with you and dispose it as general waste.
    • Please note national park-specific guidelines and rules www.nationalparks.fi/nationalparks
  3. When you find a bingo tag
    • Take a selfie from the spot
    • Share it on Instagram with your own caption
    • Tag us @wolmarkfinland.
    • Use hashtag #kansallispuistobingo
    • Take the bingo tag with you and remove it with mixed waste.
  4. If a you find and post a picture of three different bingo tags, it's National Park Bingo. You will be rewarded from head to toe for the performance (worth €500!).
  5. Be present and enjoy nature


For comprehensive and up-to-date information about the game, follow us on social media





Metsähallitus has given its consent for the event.


Do you have questions or suggestions about the game? We will get back to you within 24 hrs. If it's urgent, you can call +358 407254046.