Wølmark Warranty

We want to create change in durability of clothes. That is why all Wølmark products has 10 year warranty!

We have designed our products to last long by material and designing as well as by manufacturing. W believe that responsibility of the producer and want to show that we trust our products long-lasting. That is why we offer all of our products 10 year warranty which includes all of the mistakes of the manufacturing. This means that all the broken seams we repair regardless of how those broke.

Our warranty doesn't include normal wear and tear in normal use. Warranty also doesn't include wrongly cared products that have been teared because of that. Warranty icludes only the first owner of the product. When you have bought your product. Register it with this form. (Fill only the first page)

How can I get my product fixed?

If your product have teared seam you can fill this form. (Fill only the first page of the form)

Return filled form to email petteri@wolmark.fi and include the receipt of the product. After this you can mail or deliver product to us to fix. Notice that the cost of the mailing is not included in the service.

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