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These are the best granny gloves

If you have to go to the yard with children, whatever the weather is. Here at the wolfs border, the cold does not spare anyone's fingers. I got to know and bought the gloves for myself in the winter of 21-22 and I haven't regretted it. It was nice to watch over the penguins while staying warm. Only at over -29 degrees did you need mittens underneath. Durable and soft for important hands. The very best.

Favorite beanie

Good beanie, stays snug and clean, even though it has been used a lot. Warm too, I've used it in freezing temperatures -5-30 degrees, and kept my head warm really well. Also stays on the head during various activities and does not fall off the head. Doesn't itch. Will definitely stay in use for a long time, I recommend 5/5! ⭐️

The size worked even for a toddler

I actually bought this for myself because of the black color, but in the end the model just didn't seem to fit my style. On the other hand, it was very suitable for my two-year-old child, because it was not a traditional ear-covering model for an adult. Definitely warm and comfortable :)

Perfect shade of green

The perfect shade of green and warm as hell. It doesn't save a bad hair day, because it's too warm to keep inside (at least with my hair), but it saves in wind and gusts in the yard. Not a word of reproach.

Stylish and comfortable

I ordered the road gray mittens, they go well with the beige Skutsi beanie. The mittens are quite snug on the wrist and otherwise of high quality. Warm on their own, but in super cold weather you can slip under other gloves. The gloves also have a leather logo with in👍🏼

For smaller hands I would recommend the S size, it would probably have been a better choice for me than the M size even if I don't have very small hands 😁 You could add, for example, the width of the finger to the size chart to make the size selection easier.

Definitely good mittens for several seasons!

Warm for sure!

In this beanie, your head is guaranteed to stay warm even in severe frosts. The knit is suitably tight and the beanie has not loosened in use. Good color selection, stylish leather logo. In harder snow work, a little sweat gets into the hat, but not as much as in other hats.

My mother also has Skutsi, and she praised that it doesn't itch, even though woolen hats in particular irritate the skin on the forehead.

Strong recommendation for trendy Skutsi! 🌲💚

Warm fingers

It would have gotten 5 stars if these had a leather logo tag on them as well. I received the mittens as a gift and if it hadn't been told where it was bought from, I wouldn't have seen it in the mittens. The mittens were good in the hand and surprisingly warm, even though they are not very thick.


Nice soft, really warm. The right size. Stays well on the ears, does not allow the frost to bite the earlobes.

The collar is back ❤️

The world's most practical and beautiful creation from Tampere. Wins the scarf 10-0. I wish I was on a hill with a sledge in the elementary again😁 A little snot on the cheek and a hot juice waiting inside. A great collar for the hill, the forest or even for an Arctic date. Keeper❤️

Very good

It's a good collar. You can't find these and even though it was a bit pricey, it was definitely worth the price

Nice sailor hat

The product was exactly what I expected. No complaints. There might be more color options for this, like gray or beige?

I recommend!

There are already several tube scarves at home, which have been collected from different brands over the years. However, this is definitely of the highest quality compared to other options from different brands. Feels soft and light on :)!
Big warm recommendation!

My new favorite sweater

The gray alpaca wool sweater became my favorite sweater from the first time I used it, the feeling when I pulled the shirt out of the bag was completely different from any previous sweaters, gentle, tight and luxurious. When wearing the sweater, it doesn't really feel like a sweater, but something better; alpaca, like you can trust this garment regardless of the conditions and it's just the right size, giving room for movement. A very strong recommendation 🤩

just right!

The forest green looked elegant in the hand and the material felt good. so good that I felt to write a review


The product did not disappoint, quite the opposite. Feels good on the head and is the right size. Plus, there is a good selection of colors!

Mössa is da bomb!

As a big beanie lover myself, I can warmly recommend it! It sits comfortably on the head and it's warm, but it doesn't sweat, it breathes well and it doesn't hurt even if the beanie stays on all day! It's great that there are also new beanies in the selection!


First purchase from Wolmark, beanie an absolute favorite for sports and hiking. You can't smell sweat if you remember to refresh it.


The royalty of sweaters, warm and very comfortable to wear, also suitable for layering with Daifa.


A really versatile, breathable and stylish shirt for the forest and the office 👌

A warm beanie!

Warm and suitably thin, e.g. under a ski helmet

The perfect shirt for skiing!

Breathes and warms, but is not too hot.

Simply the best sweater

After buying this, I noticed pretty quickly that I didn't use my other sweaters anymore. Perfect for hiking: it's warm but breathable. It doesn't start to smell like sweat at all, no matter how much you exercise with this on.